Where We’ve Been . . . a Record of Achievement

Over the past 11 years, Lincoln has made tremendous progress. Under my administration, Lincoln has become a national leader. Lincoln consistently ranks as a top place to live, work, and raise a family. Our crime rate is low and our response to fires and medical emergencies is among the nation’s best.

Over $2 billion dollars has been invested in public private partnerships. Our unemployment rate is among the lowest in the nation. We have also expanded high speed internet access, increasing competition and lowering cost. The South Beltway is fully funded and the City is growing at an astonishing rate. Spending on roads is up 58% since 2010. Neighborhood investments are making Lincoln even more livable.

Where we are going . . My Vision for Lincoln

Today, I am announcing my bid for re-election because we have more work to do. Our success at creating a nationally competitive City has set the stage to be successful in solving our next challenges. With our 11-year record of achievement, you can count on me to continue to invest in new police officers and firefighters for quicker emergency response, the new roads and infrastructure that encourage growth and the environmental policy that promotes a cleaner and greener Lincoln.

And you can count on me to get things done for you. Now is the time to focus on our neighborhoods and improve the daily lives of our residents by fixing the streetlight on your block, repairing the streets you travel everyday,improving the park where your kids play or bringing high speed internet to your home.

We’ve come a long way, but there is more work to do to secure the best future for Lincoln. I won’t stop, until we get it done. Together, we can keep moving Lincoln in the right direction.